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What are Etheric Cords, Soul Retreival, Auras, and Chakras

Transformational Bodywork - Your Journey Toward Wholeness

We tell ourselves stories about our experiences. We give the stories labels. So if you’ve never heard of “soul retrieval” and other energy healing terms, just remember that they are also just a story we made up to explain what’s happening during a healing session. You may have a different label for it. And that’s okay. Transformational Bodywork is another story. A story about your journey towards wholeness and healing. It’s time to change your story to one of Healing.

What are Etheric or Psychic Cords? Etheric cords are energetic connections to persons or traumatic events. They can even extend into past lives. These connections drain your energy reserves. Energy that could be used for living your best life is tied up in etheric cords. These cords can be cut, freeing you from the hold these persons and events had on you.

Soul Retrieval Do you ever feel like there is a part of yourself that is missing? Sometimes during traumatic events or under anesthesia, parts of your soul can get “separated” from your body. They are no longer accessible to you, although they are still part of you. Soul Retrieval calls in and re-attaches all the parts and pieces of you, giving you access to your Wholeness.

Aura Healing We are made up of layers. There’s skin, then connective tissue, then muscle, then bone. Some of these layers, like the skin, help to protect us from outside dangers. Some of these layers help to regulate our bodily processes. In the same way, our energetic bodies are made up of layers.

These layers of our energy can need healing. Perhaps they are no longer providing the energetic protection you need from outside energies. Or they may be weak, allowing your energy to drain away. Perhaps they need cleaning and strengthening to help you maintain your energetic boundaries when you interact with others.

Do you have trouble saying “no” to others? Do you feel drained from interaction with others or different environments? Your aura is like the coat you’re wearing. Is it ragged and thin? Does it have holes in it? Or is it strong and protective like a suit of armour? Aura healing can assist in “patching” those holes.

Chakra Healing Chakras are energy centers in the body. They regulate your emotions. Sometimes they become blocked or sluggish.

Chakras regulate feelings of safety, creativity, empowerment, love, expression, intuition and spiritual connection. Opening and clearing your chakras can help these areas of your life to expand.

Transformational Bodywork incorporate healing in these areas and many others. It is healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We will tune into your body together to determine its priorities of healing.

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