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Make the Decision, then Course Correct

Today’s Transformational Bodywork session was a great example of all the different types of techniques available from my “Toolbox”.

Starting assessment of her craniosacral rhythm was that it felt slow and sluggish. As I got to her head, I felt/saw a cloud or fog that seemed to surround her. It seemed to symbolize difficulty making decisions, being stuck and not moving forward.

After clearing the fog away using some breathwork and visualization, I saw her in the Cave of the Grandmothers, surrounded by her female ancestors, who were offering their love and support.

Her Higher Self had an energetic upgrade ready for her, which would activate sometime in the future during a dreamstate.

Then her Spirit Guides did some healing work on her and gave the following message about decision making: “It doesn’t matter what decision you make. What matters is that you make a decision. Start your energy moving forward, and then you can course-correct as you go. There is no One Perfect Decision, just start the flow of movement.”

I did some positional release holds on her shoulders, some CranioSacral therapy on her head (wonky sphenoid bone!), and some Reiki on her digestive system. Her body gave a few messages about her eating habits.

A final message was to seek healing/self-care BEFORE it gets to the critical-care stage.

We ended with a final CranioSacral hold to reset her nervous system. The craniosacral rhythm no longer felt sluggish but had more ease in it’s movement.

Every Transformational Bodywork session is completely unique. Sometimes there are messages, sometimes it is just peace and healing. The messages today seemed like they were universal and could help other people, so I asked for her permission to share.

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