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Allow the Flow

Are you stopping the flow?

Awhile ago, I told the Universe, "I would like to be more financially prosperous."

"Okay," says the Universe, "I'll take care of it. All you have to do is allow the flow. Just say 'thank you' to any prosperity I send you way and allow the flow." "Easy peasy" i say.

Clients want to tip me. "Thank you." allow the flow People buy my art. "Thank you." allow the flow

One day last week, I got a test. I do something for my dad. He insists on paying me. I try to gently decline, but he insists. The Universe watches me, seeing what I will do. I allow the flow. "Thanks, Dad."

A friend insisted on paying me back for something that I was trying to give them. "You don't have to, but thank you." Then they Venmo me twice the amount. (I had already told them my flow secret, so obviously, all I could say was, "Thank you.)

The Universe flowed $160 to me that day, chuckling to itself. "I will use any and all means to flow to you, if you allow it."

Allow the Flow.

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