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After complete and restructured sinus repair last August, I experienced jaw, neck, and shoulder pain in addition to headaches. After 2 craniosacral sessions I feel like a whole new person! It's amazing! I highly recommend it!

Victoria C. 2021


As a long time bodyworker, I know that profound change can come with subtle manipulations yet I too forget about the power of touch. The two sessions I’ve had with Chantelle, I’ve been surprised both times by how much change I’ve experienced while on the table and after. I love her massages, especially Ashiatsu, but I’m making the switch to Craniosacral work when I come to see her now.

Nicole H. 2021


My experience with Chantelle’s transformative bodywork was amazing. Chantelle worked on specific areas aligned to what I needed. The cranial sacral work has relieved pressure and allowed my energy to flow. I felt refreshed and renewed.

Connie K. 2021

Chantelle is a very intuitive and gifted body worker. After my first cranio-sacral session, the headache and fatigue I had been experiencing lifted. I felt clear headed and energized! She also did a session with one of my horses and he absolutely LOVED it. Seeing a response like that from an animal is even more of a testament to her gift because animals cannot lie. 10 outta 10 recommend!

Krisanna T. 2021


Chantelle always just knows what I need. Through her cranial sacral treatments, my persistent above the right eye headache is gone, I've been sleeping better, and overall feeling better physically. It's amazing how much she can do by simple touches. Boo yeah!

Tristan E. 2021


Chantelle has a nice inviting, relaxing space where she specializes in Reiki, Massage and Craniosacral therapy. I had a mix of Reiki and craniosacral done and it was so warm and relaxing and comforting I even fell asleep. Chantelle has an amazingly calm spirit which adds to great experience can't wait to try a massage session.

Melanie L. 2021


I have been going to Chantelle for almost a year now. With each appointment she makes you feel not only comfortable and at home but like you are her only client. Her attention to detail is superb. I've had almost everything she offers done - massage, Reiki, soul retrieval, chakra/aura work etc. Each one offers its own release and feeling, all good. I walk away from each session with more knowledge than when I walked in and feeling great! Even if you only book Chantelle for a massage, I can tell you it is completely, 100% worth it. Your body will thank you.

Lisa B
Apr 06, 2020


Chantelle is an absolutely amazing massage therapist. Her body work got me out playing again by the following week... every time. She has an innate sense what the body needs... and a plethora of techniques. If I could pack Chantelle up & take her wherever work sent me... I would!!! Chantelle is THAT good... truly a massage magician.

Barbara S
Apr 29, 2020


Chantelle Williamson, you are one gifted healer! Thank you for the TLC today! No seriously! I come in so toxic; carrying all this yuckiness from my work...all this vicarious trauma, all crunched up from all the driving, and just plain tired and compassion fatigued ... Yet I always leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated! Such a treat to just be and breathe! Thanks for helping me value self-care! I love the Thai massage - try it people! You'll learn you don't want to live without it!
Dannie D. Feb 2019


Always a great experience, and Chantelle is trained in various techniques depending on your muscular issues. As a client for over 10 years I appreciate her continued education.

Patty G Mar 2019

Opted for Thai Massage to help with tightness and lower back. First was super helpful and look forward to additional to help restore flexibility. THANK YOU

Jun 30, 2019

Great overall massage! Loved the bamboo stick for getting into muscles from a different angle! And my back thanks you for getting those knots worked out!!

Shelle Litzen 
Jun 18, 2019

Best therapist in the area.

Ronald Barone 
Apr 17, 2019

I love seeing Chantelle at Integrity Massage. She is professional and talented. She has introduced me to Ashiatsu, cupping, and hot stone massage. It all feels relaxing and therapeutic. I have experience less teeth, back, and referred pain, and less jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Her services are invaluable.

Irene Summers Temple 
Jul 11, 2019

Excellent service and very helpful for some recent tendinitis issues! Very grateful for the after-care recommendations as well! It works in a more natural way. Highly recommend Chantelle!

Lori Schaefbauer 
May 23, 2019

I have been going regularly to Chantelle for at least 6 years now. I highly recommend her, she takes time to listen to where your aches and pains are and tailors the session to what you need. She has helped alleviate sore spots on numerous occasions. She is highly skilled and kind.

H Janis 
Mar 21, 2019

Chantelle is an excellent massage therapist and her use of Ashiatsu foot masage is a unique and wonderfully deep massage experience that has long-lasting pain relief effects. Her wonderful ambiance and personal touch makes her a great choice for any serious massage fanatic.

Heather P.

Soul Retrieval Energy Work
Hey! I just wanted to thank you for the energy work this week. I feel soooo much better, my thoughts have returned to an even, positive balance, and I feel in control of life. My outlook has seriously improved. And A... said I'm "glowing". I am super happy with the results and want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your work!!

Kally M

My first experiece with Chantelle using BodyTalk was enlightening.  She focused on 2 primary areas of concern to me and zeroed in on some emotions and physical symptoms that were right on.  The experience was very pleasant and her verbal insight throughout the session gave me much to ponder.  However, the most amazing thing to me was that the day after the session, one of the most irritating symptoms we were dealing with was as strong as ever - but the next day and every day thereafter, going on 2 weeks now - the symptom is completely vanished!!  Oh, what sweet relief.  I truly believe Chantelle is on to something and I plan to have a follow-up session very soon.  My body is talking and I am listening.
Shelley D

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