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Soul Retrieval Explained to a Christian

Someone asked me recently about Soul Retrieval. As a Christian, she couldn’t reconcile how it would fit in with her beliefs. How could you be separated from what was, essentially, You? As we talked, we found that we had different definitions of the word “soul” and that the English language doesn’t contain enough words to describe the Unseen.

What I told her was that many times when the Soul Retrieval technique comes up, it is because people are having these feelings:

“I don’t feel like myself anymore.” “I don’t know what happened to that joyful person I used to be.” “It’s like there’s part of myself that’s missing.”

Often this happens after a trauma, whether physical, emotional, or mental. It’s kinda like how the brain will block certain memories of trauma. You no longer have access to them (although they are still there) until one day when you are ready to heal.

So what does Soul Retrieval look like? During a Transformational Bodywork session, I use a neuromuscular feedback technique to ask your body what healing it needs today. If it asks for Soul Retrieval, we hold space for all the parts and pieces of yourself that you have lost connection with. I ask the client to focus on their heart, and we invite back the wholeness of themselves. We restore communication with those parts they had lost.

Many people feel a rush of emotion as they breathe deeply into this openness, this space, this invitation, this gentle calling back home. Afterwards they say things like:

“I feel like myself again” “I feel whole and love myself” “I have balanced thoughts, a positive attitude and am feeling in control of my life” “I just feel somehow happier”

If you have any questions about Energywork, I’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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