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Emotional Healing

Often we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel. Sometimes this is because society doesn’t really encourage loud emotional displays. Sometimes it is because we aren’t ready to deal with the emotions yet. If we are still in a state of emotional “shock”, many times the body will store these emotions some place on the body until we are ready to pull them out and heal them.

But often we never deal with our hidden emotions. We just ignore them, and keep them stored in our bodies. Sometimes the emotions then express themselves through pain or disease. It can be our body’s way of getting our attention, asking “are you ready to take this out and look at it and do the healing work?”

We get so used to just burying and ignoring our feelings that it becomes habit. Like we are in a permanent state of emotional shock, unable to even know what we are feeling.

At some level we know that we store emotional responses in our bodies. Ever said,

“that person is a pain in the neck?”

“he’s a pain in the ass?”

“I feel like I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

“I’ve got butterflies in my stomach”

If you feel like you are emotionally “stuck” or maybe your body is expressing emotional baggage as pain, try Transformational Body work from Integrity Massage.

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