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What is Energy Work?

You too could learn to be a sommelier. Or a musician. Or an energy worker. It just takes practice.

What is Energy Work?

Is it a special ability, available only to the lucky few? No.

Energywork is not something “other”, something separate. It is part of being human. We all can do it unconsciously, but we can learn to do it consciously. Energywork is intuitively interacting with the world and the energies surrounding us. Everything is energy.

We interact with these energies through our intuition, our 6th sense. This is something that everyone has, but some people have practiced and honed this sense, much like a sommelier hones her sense of taste and smell. Sometimes people are born with this 6th sense already tuned to a high level, much like some people are born with perfect pitch. It is just another sense.

Many times children are born with a higher sense of intuition, but we don’t honor this sense in our culture, so as they grow, they often abandon their knowings when adults tell them, “you can’t possibly know that”, or “that’s not true”. Just like a high musical ability can be allowed to lie dormant if it is not nourished.

But you have this ability! Have you ever walked into a room and sensed the mood? Has someone ever walked up silently behind you, yet you could tell their presence? Have you ever sensed when someone was staring at you? These are all examples of using your 6th sense. You were sensing energy.

What does it look like?

Maybe you are a businessman, adept at making the right decisions at the right time. Maybe you are a mother who can tell why her child is upset or when it is in danger. Perhaps you are a massage therapist who knows exactly which area needs work.

Generally, when people refer to energy work, they are referring to intuitive hands-on healing sessions for the purpose of healing of the body, mind and/or spirit, not simply the physical body.

Some examples of energy work therapies are:


Therapeutic Touch

Healing Touch

Quantum Touch


Chakra Healing

Aura Healing (Chios)

Emotional Freedom Technique

Crystal Healing


Pranic Healing

Eden Energy healing

Shamanic Healing

Sound Healing

They all have differences, and some do not need to be performed hands-on (distance healing). Some of them involve breathing exercises, tapping, or specific hand placements or movements. Some involve visualization or the use of specific props (crystals, pendulums, etc). Many of them you can learn to perform on yourself!

But at the core, I believe that they are just a way of interacting with the energy of the world around us. Unseen (for many), but it can be felt.

It’s like a radio. There are lots of stations, all playing music. But different types of music. Which one is your energy healing practitioner “tuned in" to?

Which type of energy healing session should you choose? Sometimes you have to experience all the different varieties of music before you know which one makes you dance! But it’s all music, all vibration.

What makes you dance?

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