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What happens in a Transformational Bodywork session?

A glimpse into a recent Transformational Bodywork session:

I have an "Inner Healing Place" in my mind's eye, and my guides show me different areas to visit for different healing.

We started out with a basic clearing. Usually my guides show me a whirlpool in a cave. I imagine the client getting in, and all her "gunk" swirling and draining away from her. You can do this for yourself, too! Or imagine yourself standing under a waterfall, or with your feet in a stream, etc, and all those un-needed energies are being carried away and cleaned off you.

Then my guides took us into a large, cathedral-type room. This is where frequency healing takes place. Often I can "hear" in my imagination tones or sounds or music. Although sometimes the frequencies are out of the range of human "hearing". We took several breaths and allowed the frequencies to integrate.

Next we were led into the Cave of the Grandmothers. Often ancestral healing happens here. Today we were breaking generational bonds. I could see the clients' ancestors all gathered around her. She had a red cord in her hands, which she cast into the fire, dissolving any belief systems, energetic inherited disease tendencies, and old trauma bonds.

Then she connected with her Higher Self - the grandest, wisest divine part of her. There were energetic upgrades and downloads that she was now ready to receive. I told her to pay attention to increased intuition or gifts that might appear.

After the energetic work was done, her body requested some physical healing. I used Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy to treat several restricted areas of her body.

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