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The Floodgates Are Open!

A recent client was having the experience lately of overly-emotional responses. She was crying at the drop of a hat. She was getting angry, and then angry-crying. BUT! She knew that she was angry and was able to express herself and identify her emotion. Whereas before in her life, she would have to sit with strong emotion and “process it” to determine what she was feeling. Now it was flooding out of her and she (and those around her) knew exactly what she was feeling.

This was actually a healing response from her body. We had done some healing work earlier. It’s like she had a locked gate holding back the river of her emotions, and the gate had been opened. All the pressure of the waters behind the gate had to gush out. Eventually the pressure would normalize and then the “river” (her emotions) would flow normally.

I like the second meaning:

flood·gate: noun

· a gate that can be opened or closed to admit or exclude water, especially the lower gate of a lock.

· a last restraint holding back an outpouring of something powerful or substantial.

If your emotions are feeling stuck or you need some emotional healing, try Transformational Bodywork from Integrity Massage.

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