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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

We do maintenance on our physical bodies. We clean them, exercise, take supplements, drink water, maybe go to the doctor/chiropractor etc.

We do maintenance on our cars. Refueling, oil changes, replacing windshield wipers. (That is the limit of my car knowledge and metaphors...)

We do maintenance on our houses. We pick up all the stuff, we vacuum, wipe down the bathrooms. (This list could be MUCH longer, I have extensive background knowledge here...!)

But when was the last time you considered maintenance on your emotional/spiritual/mental bodies? Sometimes this can look like a good cry, going to church, a weekend retreat, therapy, or meditation.

But sometimes we've paid so little attention to our emotional/spiritual/mental lives, that the dirt and clutter has accumulated! Perhaps those 10-minute daily meditations are just barely keeping the pathways barely clear, but it's time for some deep cleaning - Like Spring Cleaning!

I think of Transformational Bodywork as a good Spring Cleaning for your body, mind, and soul! And just remember how much easier and faster spring cleaning goes with 2 people. You don't need to slog through it all on your own -- we can do it together, and do it faster!

If you're feeling the call to do some deep cleaning in your life and get rid of some of the junk that is holding you back from emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual wholeness, try Transformational Bodywork at Integrity Massage by Chantelle Williamson.

Call 605/430-1525 to schedule.

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