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Leveling Up

A client who recently had a Transformational Bodywork session contacted me a few days after the session. He had enjoyed the session and felt that it was beneficial but was now feeling lost and unable to focus.

This was my response:

First of all, these reactions are completely normal - congratulations, you've spiritually "leveled up"!

Imagine that you're the character in a video game. You knew that old level really well - you knew where all the traps and baddies were hiding. But now you're on a new level - it's completely new and all the familiar terrain is gone! That's why you're feeling lost and unfocused.

Try these tips for helping with your new expanded awareness:

1. If you reach a decision point, don't waffle forever wondering which way is the "right" way to jump. If you don't have a strong feeling right away, it's best just to make any decision. Once your feet are on the new path, you'll draw in the experiences you need.

2. There are many ways to " ground" your physical body. Being in nature, imagine breathing out through your feet, drinking enough water, breathwork, visualizations, etc.

Also know that eventually this level will feel more familiar, until it's time to level up again!

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