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Holding Space

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Do you ever have fears that you don’t want someone “mucking about” in your energy field? What are they going to uncover? If they dump Humpty Dumpty off the wall, will they be able to put all the pieces back together right? What are they going to do to me?

I talked about this recently with a client who came in for Transformational Bodywork. At the beginning of the session, her body had a resistance to energy work, like there was an inability to relax because she was worried about what might happen. What deep-seated beliefs might come to life that, dang it, now she’d have to change! Like those bad friends in your life that you know you need to get rid of, but it’s so much easier to just drift along.

I calmed her fears by telling her that her body was very clear in communicating that my job was to hold the space, and it would handle the healing. It was a relief for the both of us. The pressure was off me to “fix her” and she was able to relax into the feeling that her body said, “I got this.”

Just like when a baby is being birthed, you can’t hurry the experience along. And when you give “birth” to the newest version of yourself, just think of me like the birth doula, murmuring encouragement and suggestions in your ear while holding your hand.

If you need someone to “hold space” for you, allowing your body do to its own healing, schedule a Transformational Bodywork session with Integrity Massage.

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