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Do you feel "Blocked"?

Do you feel “blocked”?

I recently had a Transformational Bodywork session on a client who wanted me to work on her chakras (energy centers) because she was feeling “blocked” in her life. As if she couldn’t move forward, and something was preventing her from doing what she needed.

During our session, I found that she was blocked by some ancestral disease patterns that her body had been trying to clear and heal. She just wasn’t able to clear them by herself, and her body had then gotten stuck, like a Roomba bumping up against the same barrier over and over again.

After clearing out this energy pattern, we did some work on her chakras, which just needed a bit of a boost after the barrier was gone.

Transformational Bodywork can help if you are feeling energetically stuck or blocked! Give me a call or text at 605/430-1525

Read more about Transformational Bodywork here:

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