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Can we forgive our bodies for being only human?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

So many times when our body is weak or sore or sick, we are frustrated and mad at our body! “Why are you taking so long to heal? Why are you always sore?”

But we know that our mental/emotional state influences our health. Studies have shown that post-op patients with a positive mental attitude heal faster and better.

Maybe you’re not post-op, but can you change your feelings towards your chronic indigestion? Sore shoulders? Knee pain? <insert health problem here>?

I’ve recently started “loving my problem area”. So I’ve had some digestive issues, and I try to sit for awhile after a meal, imagining warm light bathing my belly, thanking my stomach and intestines for all the work they do. Just offering love to that area. Not trying to "love my stomach" in order to get it to behave!

Sometimes I recommend to people that they imagine their body or injury is a dog. Are you going to yell and be frustrated that the puppy is laying there crying instead of running around happily? No, you’re going to comfort the injured puppy and offer it love!

So are you willing to treat your body as least as well as you would a dog?

And on the other hand, if you spoke to someone else the way you spoke to yourself, would it be verbal abuse? Are you your own abuser?

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