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Beth's Story

“Beth” came in for her own Transformational Bodywork session after seeing a Facebook post that described a session for another client. Reading the post, Beth felt as if it had been written for her. It was just what she needed.

Beth was feeling stuck in her life. She felt unable to move forward. She knew the Universe was trying to speak to her, but she couldn’t seem to see, feel, or hear what It was saying. She needed clarity.

I tuned into her body/mind and the first thing that came up was Soul Retrieval. Many times, pieces of your soul can get separated from the body during trauma. When we did the technique, Beth said she could see pieces of her heart rushing back to her.

Next, we did some Qigong breathwork and sound healing. These techniques helped her liver to release the anger it had been holding. Beth saw a different color for each of the three releasing breaths.

Finally, we reached what turned out to be the main priority of healing for her—the healing that her soul had been seeking. We shifted her Chakras, allowing them to expand from small, localized energy centers to columns of light that filled her whole being. Beth experienced multiple lines of color which all converged until she felt whole.

Afterward we discussed the importance of trusting her intuition. Beth needed to start recognizing that she knew what was best for herself. Understanding that she was her own expert helped her realize that she didn’t need give away her power to someone else who might be giving advice that didn’t feel right.

The next time I saw Beth, she said our session had made her very aware of “how” she was thinking. She noticed more often when she had negative thoughts, which gave her the opportunity to move into gratitude instead. She reported that she was feeling surer of her direction in life and more clarity overall.

If you can relate to any of Beth’s story and would like to experience your own healing, Transformational Bodywork is for you too.

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